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A study of ICT courses in education programs at SUZA: their effectiveness in teacher preparation

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dc.creator Wazir, Awena 2019-08-28T06:25:17Z 2019-08-28T06:25:17Z 2013 2019-12-06T12:20:10Z 2019-12-06T12:20:10Z
dc.identifier Wazir, A. (2013). A study of ICT courses in education programs at SUZA: their effectiveness in teacher preparation. Dodoma: The University of Dodoma.
dc.description Dissertation (MA Education)
dc.description The central purpose of this study was to investigate ICT courses in education program at SUZA; focusing on their effectiveness in teacher preparation. The study was mainly qualitative case study supported by some elements of quantitative data. Using both random and purposive sampling techniques, a total of 104 respondents; 70 third year university student teachers, 30 ex-student teachers, 3 ICT lecturers and a head of ICT department at SUZA participated in the study. Data were gathered through interviews, questionnaires, observation and documentary review. The data were analyzed using the framework for analyzing data in mixed methods research. Findings revealed that ICT programs at SUZA had double role, as a tool to facilitate teaching and learning and core to be studied by student teachers studying education. ICT infrastructures at SUZA are not in good state to prepare quality teachers with ICT skills and knowledge for their future teaching career. Also, ICT integration in teaching and learning is done by both lecturers and student teachers in various teaching and learning activities. However, lectures and student teachers perceived that ICT resources, time to complete ICT content and poor background of ICT knowledge among student teacher deterred preparation of competent ICT teacher for their future teaching career. The study recommends that in order to prepare competent teachers with ICT knowledge and skills, SUZA has to review its ICT course content; improve ICT resources, and assess student teachers, during TP on how ICT is applied in teaching and learning. Finally, the government through MoEVT is encouraged to make ICT learning compulsory subject to all students from primary to secondary schools so that all learners acquire these basic tools of modern life and work.
dc.language en
dc.publisher The University of Dodoma
dc.subject ICT courses
dc.subject Education program
dc.subject SUZA
dc.subject Information Communication Technology
dc.subject State University of Zanzibar
dc.subject Teacher preparation
dc.subject Effectiveness
dc.subject Efficiency
dc.subject ICT programs
dc.subject Teacher education programs
dc.title A study of ICT courses in education programs at SUZA: their effectiveness in teacher preparation
dc.type Dissertation

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