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The influence of child-caregivers’ interactions on Piagetian conservation tasks performances in Tanzania

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dc.creator Nsolezi, Florentina Shagembe 2019-09-05T10:11:38Z 2019-09-05T10:11:38Z 2018 2019-12-06T12:20:31Z 2019-12-06T12:20:31Z
dc.identifier Nsolezi, F. S. (2018). The influence of child-caregivers’ interactions on Piagetian conservation tasks performances in Tanzania (Doctoral thesis). The University of Dodoma, Dodoma.
dc.description Doctoral thesis (PhD in Education)
dc.description This study focused on the influences of child-caregivers’ interactions on Piagetian conservation tasks performances of pre-primary children in Tanzania. Specifically, the study explored the patterns of the child-caregiver interactions for improving performances of children, identified the optimal conditions for the child-caregiver interactions pertinent to promoting the children’s performances. It also studied children’s performances on Piagetian conservation tasks with regards to age groups and sex and examined the association between the patterns of the child-parent/guardian interactions and children’s performances. Theories that guided the study were; cognitive development theory by Piaget and socio-cultural theory by Vygotsky. The mixed research approach was employed and a sample of 188 participants was surveyed from Bahi District in Dodoma Region. Data were gathered using Piagetian conservation tasks, semi-structured interview, observation and a structured questionnaire. The qualitative data were subjected to thematic analysis, while the quantitative data were analyzed using descriptive (frequency, mean, percent and standard deviation) as well as inferential statistics (Analysis of Variance -ANOVA and Chi-square). Results showed three patterns of child-caregiver interactions namely parents’/guardians’ reaction on children’s activities, parents’/guardians’ engagement with children’s activities and parents/guardians support for children’s activities. Similarly, results from child-teacher interactions showed five patterns of child-teacher interactions namely; information delivery, questioning, feedback provision, classroom management strategies and classroom conditions and arrangement. Besides, the results indicated that children were given time and space to engage in activities and plays at home environment though they were not guided. In the school environment, children were denied time to engage themselves in the guided plays. They were observed playing alone during break period and on their way back home. Furthermore, there was a significant difference (P=0.00)…P≤0.05) of performance between children aged 5 and those aged 6 and 7. In addition to that, boys performed better than girls. Moreover, it was shown that there was a significant association (P=0.012)…P≤0.05) between the child-parents/guardians interactions and the children’s performance on Piagetian conservation tasks (X2 (2, n = 66) = 8.819). These findings reveal the need of encouraging child-caregivers’ interactions and call for professionally trained teachers to emphasize on acquiring early childhood education skills for effective teacher-child interaction. The findings also suggest that there is a need for improving home and school environments by recruiting adequate and qualified teachers and sensitizing parents/guardians on supportive interactions. Furthermore, children in local communities need closer and positive caregivers’ support in order to improve their performance on Piagetian conservation tasks. Above all, supportive child-parent/guardian is essential for improved children’s performances on Piagetian conservation tasks.
dc.language en
dc.publisher The University of Dodoma
dc.subject Piaget
dc.subject Tanzania
dc.subject Caregivers
dc.subject Child caregivers
dc.subject Pre primary
dc.subject Dodoma
dc.subject Bahi
dc.subject Children performance
dc.subject Children caregivers
dc.subject Toddlers
dc.subject Infant
dc.title The influence of child-caregivers’ interactions on Piagetian conservation tasks performances in Tanzania
dc.type Thesis

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