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Emerging issues and challenges in conservation of biodiversity in the rangelands of Tanzania

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dc.creator Rija, A. A.
dc.creator Kideghesho, J. R.
dc.creator Rija, A. A.
dc.creator Kideghesho, J. R.
dc.creator Mwamende, K. A.
dc.creator Selemani, I. 2019-01-03T07:23:29Z 2019-01-03T07:23:29Z 2013-11-18 2019-12-20T12:36:50Z 2019-12-20T12:36:50Z
dc.identifier doi: 10.3897/natureconservation.6.5407
dc.description Nature conservation, 2013; 6: 1-29
dc.description Tanzania rangelands are a stronghold for biodiversity harbouring a variety of animal and plant species of economic, ecological and socio-cultural importance. Efforts to protect these resources against destruction and loss have involved, among other things, setting aside some tracks of land as protected areas in the form of national parks, nature reserves, game reserves, game controlled and wildlife management areas. However, these areas and adjacent lands have long been subjected to a number of emerging issues and challenges, which complicate their management, thus putting the resources at risk of over exploitation and extinction. These issues and challenges include, among other things, government policies, failure of conservation (as a form of land use) to compete effectively with alternative land uses, habitat degradation and blockage of wildlife corridors, overexploitation and illegal resource extraction, wildfires, human population growth, poverty, HIV/AIDS pandemic and human-wildlife conflicts. In this paper, we review the emerging issues and challenges in biodiversity conservation by drawing experience from different parts of Tanzania. The paper is based on the premise that, understanding of the issues and challenges underpinning the rangelands is a crucial step towards setting up of plausible objectives, strategies and plans that will improve and lead to effective management of these areas. We conclude by recommending some proactive measures that may enhance the sustainability of the rangeland resources for the benefit of the current and future generations.
dc.description private
dc.language en_US
dc.publisher Pensoft Publishers
dc.relation Nature Conservation;6:1-29
dc.subject Rangeland health
dc.subject Degradation
dc.subject Climate change
dc.subject Invasive species
dc.subject Illegal hunting
dc.subject Wildfire
dc.title Emerging issues and challenges in conservation of biodiversity in the rangelands of Tanzania
dc.type Article

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