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Emerging Business Opportunities From Gas Value Chain in Tanzania

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dc.creator Mjema, Emanuel A.
dc.creator Ntimbwa, M.C. . 2019-02-28T09:56:52Z 2019-02-28T09:56:52Z 2014-08 2022-10-20T08:35:09Z 2022-10-20T08:35:09Z
dc.description Tanzania soon will be a producer of gas. The gas is going to be used for domestic and production purposes but the current business environment does not suggest that business opportunities will be created for indigenous to benefit by being active participants either by doing business or being employed. Therefore the purpose of this study is identifying the business opportunities which can be established due to gas explorations. The business opportunities were identified through literature review from readings which explained other countries experience. The study was conducted through review of different studies both local and international. The studies revealed that there are many business opportunity which will develop but only if there is proper governing of gas value chain activities. Therefore the government should first develop policy and regulation to govern the gas activities. In order for fair business to involve both foreigners and indigenous and create more business opportunities.
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dc.publisher College of Business Education
dc.subject Value Chain, Global, Gas, Business, Tanzania
dc.subject Global, Gas
dc.subject Business, Tanzania
dc.subject Value Chain
dc.title Emerging Business Opportunities From Gas Value Chain in Tanzania
dc.type Article

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