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The Role And Process Of Social Entrepreneurship In A Developing Country: Case Studies From Dar-Es-Salaam And Mwanza, Tanzania

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dc.creator Mutarubukwa, Pelagia A.
dc.creator Mazana, Mzomwe Y. 2019-05-06T08:38:18Z 2019-05-06T08:38:18Z 2017-05 2022-10-20T08:35:17Z 2022-10-20T08:35:17Z
dc.identifier Pelagia A. Mutarubukwa and Mzomwe Y. Mazana (2017), Paper Title: The Role and Process of Social Entrepreneurship in a Developing Country. Business Education Journal (BEJ)
dc.description Entrepreneurs and SMEs play a key role in contributing towards economic growth worldwide. Despite this, the world is changing, bringing in new challenges that need more creative and innovative entrepreneurs. Review of literature proposes that, social entrepreneurs are important in complementing efforts of other stakeholders in resolving these problems. This paper contributes to emerging discussions in this area through the consideration of social entrepreneurship in Tanzania. Generally, the paper explores on the social entrepreneurship process, the role of social entrepreneurs and challenges facing them. Data was collected qualitatively through one email exchange and two face to face interviews. The sample was obtained purposefully from Dar-es-Salaam and Mwanza. The data were analysed qualitatively based on emerging themes. The study established that, the social entrepreneurship venture passes through two stages, idea creation and mission achievement and that social entrepreneurs are crucial in solving social problems poverty being one. The roles of social entrepreneurship in Tanzania include, reduction of unemployment, improving human rights, empowering vulnerable individuals , reduction of inequalities, and provision of knowledge and skills. Despite this, social entrepreneurs are faced with various challenges, the major ones being: poor infrastructure, getting funds and capital raising, poor support from stakeholders. Others are destruction and loss of books, recruiting workers and board members, promoting awareness and growth of the organization, leasing, lack of identity cards, the credit bureau not fully utilized by the social entrepreneurship sector, lack of customers and raising the cost of living. The paper recommends that, the concept of social entrepreneurship has to be well studied in order to come out with an appropriate regulatory framework to help social entrepreneurs benefit from various stakeholder support. Social entrepreneurship education should be provided at all levels to develop more entrepreneurs and a culture of social entrepreneurship.
dc.format application/pdf
dc.language en
dc.publisher College of Business Education
dc.relation Volume 1;Issue No: 3
dc.subject Poverty, Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurs, Poverty Reduction, Social Entrepreneurship and Challenges.
dc.title The Role And Process Of Social Entrepreneurship In A Developing Country: Case Studies From Dar-Es-Salaam And Mwanza, Tanzania
dc.type Article

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